Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Death of a Dinosaur

Sad news today. A dinosaur died. It was the old school projector that I had made portable by putting it on an overhead cart, and connecting it in my classroom. We replaced it with a newer projector a few years ago when we discovered the projector didn't have very good colour anymore, it was getting dimmer, and text was hard to read. I tried to get it to work in my classroom, and with a few scavenged cables from other sources, it did. But today, my students couldn't read text that I magnified to 150%, at a distance of 8 feet from the screen. I think that's the ball game, folks. It still sort of works for pictures and video, but I needed a way to project my notes.

I type up notes, and change them when students make comments and suggestions. I prepare notes ahead of time and blank out the words for kids who can't keep up in note taking. That way they only have to write down a few words. I post them on my website so that parents can look at them, and kids can share with their parents what they learned that day. They can download them if they forgot their copies at home, and print off a copy if they like. I save these notes, and turn them into worksheets and tests. I re-use them and tweak them for the next year.

Now I am back to writing on the overhead, and writing on the chalkboard.


I guess the question is: How do I keep moving forward? I will think of something.

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