Monday, March 31, 2008

VoiceThread in the Works - Robots!

I was watching a great video called the "little yellow drum machine" at:

You can see this little wonder below:

It was a huge hit with the students. This has great entertainment value, and can be used to teach about music, math, science and technology. I used it to start a writing activity. The students are going to create a picture using ms paint. It will be a picture of a robot, accomplishing a task that they themselves don't want to do. They have to be specific, and show how the structure of the robot relates to it's function. Relating structure and function is also an important idea in high school biology. Here is an example of what the start of one picture might look like:

Granted, this is only a start, and my students are labelling the parts, but I think it will be a big hit. The students were working on task for 15 minutes, quiet as church mice. This is always a good sign. I will follow up with a post of the voice thread when I finish.

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