Monday, November 9, 2009

Notetaking is like Texting

This is a video I made about a question an ESL student asked me today "How do you write notes?" Her question was really, how is notetaking different from writing full sentences? I came up with an analogy she understood - by using her cell phone!

Screwdrivers in Education

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail! When it comes to adults learning about computers in their everyday life and in their jobs, people get to a point when they don't think they can learn any more. I think its all about the academic tools in your tool belt.

To not invest time in our own learning is like trying to replace all the screws in car engine with another kind of screw just so you can use the screwdriver you have in your tool belt. Sometimes a lack of learning costs you more time than you realize.

There is a learning curve with new programs, just like there is a learning curve to new jobs or new ways of solving problems. There is a cost in time and effort. But there is also the PERCIEVED learning curve, and often this is what is most daunting.

A colleague came to me with a task they would like to accomplish on the computer to do a presentation and create an activity for their students. There were many options to solve the problem, and I tried to figure out what this teacher already had for "tools in the toolbelt". Then I showed her a few new features to a program she already knew how to use to create documents and presentations.

As teachers must take this approach to being life long learners. Push yourself and your colleagues along just a little bit. Don't avoid learning something new for the sake of avoiding a little effort or time; you do have time to invest, just like we all have money to invest. Invest wisely and invest often.