Friday, February 29, 2008

Want help with your kids homework? Just "Ask"

But don't ask me. I like I like it way better than google for kids doing research on the Province of Saskatchewan. I still have to teach my kids about "sponsored results", in a recent search for 'facts about Saskatchewan' I turned up the sponsored link "Meet Saskatchewan Singles"! My heart was all a-twitter! Don't worry, no kids present, just adults from the Parent Association for my school. They didn't seem as interested in meeting singles from Saskatchewan either, but they did like the "narrow your search" feature on the right of the browser window, and the "expand your search" options. Both turned up good results that the kids could use (facts about Saskatchewan's history, facts about Manitoba, etc.). Also, it came up with some handy images, and the wikipedia entry. Jury's out on Wikipedia for many teachers, but I think if your student's can read it, then it is worth a look.

I tried out the, which I didn't like at all. I found a search for Saskatchewan turned up nothing as the first hit, and the other searches that it hit were completely un-readable for kids. Not going there again., not Saskatchewan. Been to Saskatchewan in fact.


Very nice people

A bit on the flat side.

I digress. Murray Peters, a vice-principal and all around smart guy agrees. Ask is the better search engine. So, if you want homework help for your kid, just "Ask."

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