Saturday, January 7, 2012

Teachers Adopting Technology

As a learning team facilitator, I have the privilege of working in a variety of classrooms around my school district.  So periodically I am going to write about outstanding teachers using technology in their classrooms in SD43 Coquitlam.  I think I will begin with a teacher that was on the first learning team I ever facilitated.

Naomi is an elementary Student Services teacher.  4 years ago Naomi began by joining a technology learning team, which I had the pleasure of facilitating as a classroom teacher released for this purpose.  Naomi was perhaps a bit tentative, about her use of technology, but she make a commitment to forge ahead by using technology a bit more with each passing week, month and term.

Today, Naomi is leading the learning team at her school as well as getting special needs students to write wikis to improve not just their skills, but their attitudes towards writing.  She also uses Smartboards in her practice, and continues to learn new things about them as well.  Naomi is also bravely putting herself out there by writing a blog.  This is what 21st century teachers do, and I am proud to call her my colleague.