Sunday, March 30, 2008

Selling ideas to others...

Right now I am in the middle of working with iMovie on my mac at home. It all began a couple of weeks ago with a suggestion I made at a meeting. I had made a video to teach a lesson on guitar, as I had a substitute teacher coming in for a lesson. I sat in front of my web cam, taught the lesson, saved it , burned it onto a DVD with our schools external burner, and voila! Lesson is ready. In the meeting with the primary teachers, we were talking about the 6 traits of effective writing, and how we wished we could get a literacy support teacher in our school. I thought it would be cool to videotape a well known teacher modelling these writing techniques in a lesson. Then we could have it on DVD, look back on it when we wanted to, etc. So, I got a little time out of the class, Shirley Ann Rubis came to teach a lesson (thank you Shirley Ann), and within 1.5 hrs we filmed a great writing lesson aimed at primary students. Now what is the next important part?

Music. I have to pick some good music, and insert some thoughtful, possibly clever or funny sub-titles. Why? Because I believe that if my colleagues see a nicely put together presentation, they will be more impressed than if they just saw the raw footage. Is this a really terrible thing to think?

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