Saturday, March 26, 2011

Road Trips with Kids Part 1

What is up with the attraction to iceberg lettuce in the 'States? And deep fried everything. And the american tradition of putting corn in everything. I just came back from 4 days in Seattle, the friendliest town outside of Vancouver, and didn't we have fun.

So - do I take my kids to another family restaurant, each one claiming to have the best frozen-then-deep-fried chicken fingers and french fries?

I say NO! I found better tasting, more nutritious food, with nearly endless variety, and a very clean setting that is family friendly.

Upscale grocery chains. When on the road in Canada I find a Quality Foods store, or even better a Whole Foods store.

Fast Food - about $7 per person

Family Dining Burger Joint where the food contains more gmo corn than anything else - $11 per person, minimum. Plus taxes. Plus, they want a tip (and in fairness, this guy earned his 15%).

Whole foods - you pay by the pound, ($8)and vegetables don't weigh much. Hide veg from the salad bar in the home-made mac and cheese. Smaller portions of higher quality meat. Endless colour on the plate. Also, if you know something about plating food, you can make-it-look-fabulous. Kids like everyone else. Total bill with mineral water and box juices at the table - about $5 for each of the kids (home style meatloaf, mac and cheese, and assorted colorful veg). Mine was just under $8. Organic juice boxes, 4 for $3. B est of all, no tip.

TOP SECRET - you can buy fish or any kind of meat at Whole Foods, take it to the cooking / dining section, and they will make it for you. In that one night, I saw a salmon fillet bbq'd, some fishburgers fried, some chicken livers sauted in olive oil with just salt and pepper. For no charge!

Hackin' the system - what it's all about. Think outside "jack in the box" especially when feeding your family in the states.