Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How to Start an Uproar - 9 week course

Here are a few questions I would ask middle school students at the start of their course in Computer Education:

  1. How can I find what I need on the Internet, and sift it out of the millions of websites that I find?
  2. How can I judge how valuable information is?
  3. How can I judge if it is true or not?
  4. Is it OK to take someone's picture without permission?
  5. Is it OK to take a teacher's picture without their permission and change it with a graphics program, and post it on the Internet?
  6. Can we say anything we want about someone?
  7. Can we write anything we want about a person / people on the Internet?
  8. How can I tell what is true and what is not on tv/in the newspaper / on the Internet?
  9. What should I do when I find that something on the internet is not true, but is being reported as true?
  10. What should I do if someone writes something about me that is not true on their website?
  11. What is the difference between a person expressing something that is an opinion that I don't like / agree with, and what is a lie?
  12. What are the possible effects about writing something that is not true about someone else on the Internet?
  13. Are there things that I should not openly reveal about myself on the Internet?

    We should not shy away from these things in schools. We should prepare our students for them.

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