Monday, February 18, 2008

Gladiators, dinosaurs, and a three headed dog named 'Fluffy'

Here is a sample of my students' stop motion animation project. We used StopMojo (a free for educational use program) and a fairly inexpensive webcam. They wrote the script, they placed the characters. I helped install the program and showed them how to use it. I am very proud of their work, and I think they are too. It is a story of a Three Headed dog attacking ancient rome. Several gladiators and a trained dinosaur meet their end until a brave man with a boat oar vanquish the three headed dog (named 'Fluffy'). Ok, the dinosaur was not historically accurate, but we didn't have the right lego set with us, and the kids were mostly just learning how to use the program to make a movie. Soon, we will edit the movie with something like Windows Movie Maker (because we have it already), and add sound effects, music, and subtitles.

Battles in Ancient Mythology from James Gill on Vimeo.

To get into the movie, you must enter the password "Fluffy." Normally I don't provide passwords but this shows how you can use to create embedded movies with password protection. With informed parent consent, I think I can start making some student videos, and embedding them on my secure-virtual classroom (a SharePoint website which is password protected also).

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spaguyswife said...

Wow, those must be some pretty talented kids! ;-) Thanks for sharing.