Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vimeo - Safer for Classrooms than YouTube

While there are many good resources to be found on YouTube, there is a lot of junk also. I love the content on, however there was still something missing. How can I embed something to protect my students' privacy? Enter

At my school we operate SharePoint websites. For those of you who don't use this product, its by Microsoft, and it gives each of its "clients" (teaching staff and students) a unique login and password. This helps to create a more secure environment where kids can put stuff on the web. The teacher/administrator can choose which kids or groups of kids can read/edit existing documents /add documents or create content. These websites can embed objects similar to how a blog embeds stuff (audio and video).

I can embed a public-domain YouTube video (like a student play that we video taped) onto our classroom website. I don't want to do this, because while the classroom website is protected, the YouTube video is available to the public. I could embed a "private" video (a setting available in your YouTube account), but in order for it to be viewed online, I must be logged into YouTube somewhere. I don't want to stay logged in all the time.

Enter Vimeo. This is the only free, video hosting site where I can embed videos that are password protected. All you see is a generic screen that says "Vimeo" and "password". You set the password to be whatever you want, however many numerals/letters you want. Now the kids can create movies with themselves as the star, I upload it and password protect it, and then embed it into our secure website. Now it is secure at both ends (video host and classroom website). I am trying to get the word out, as many people have been asking this same question, but all searches up until now have said it can't be done. Good news, it can; and it's free. Did I ever mention I am a big fan of the word "free".....

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