Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My SharePoint Presentation and Twitter

I am now twittering. Thanks for the suggestion, Vicki Davis. I am asking some questions about technology and education on twitter, but I have not gotten a lot of responses yet. Perhaps I need to ask at a different time of day?

This is my presentation on SharePoint websites that I will be presenting to teachers in the Gifted Ed. program this month, and teachers in the regular program next month. The slides by themselves are not all that earth-shaking, but I will be presenting them with some hands activites. I never liked computer lessons where I just watched stuff, and didn't get to try it out.

I have just gone through this workshop on a small scale, and the questions were flying. Some prefer to watch you put a page together, while others want to do it while I am explaining the steps on How To. Either way, I will be posting follow up screen casts on YouTube which show how to do most of these steps. Just go to YouTube and search "mrjagill" which is me. I wonder if any other school districts out there are using SharePoint websites with their schools? I wonder if there are any out there using SharePoint with elementary students?

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