Wednesday, January 16, 2008 and Inspiration

No, I don't mean that I am inspired today....although I am inspired today. What is is a day without inspiration? I am referring to the graphic organizer program called Inspiration. At my school, we have "Kidspiration" which does much the same thing, but we don't have Inspiration. Also, I don't have inspiration at home, and having spent money on a new computer, I don't have a lot of budget for a lot of software. So I use on the Internet. is an online planning program, but I use it to teach writing by creating graphic organizers for my students. I can create any shape or configuration I like. I then use the aging classroom projector I have procured to teach the lesson on our overhead projector screen. I am looking forward to a pen pals project with another class, in another school in the US. Because they are located in the southern United States, I thought that I would like to have our students share with them what our life is like here in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Here is how we started:

I can print off these sheets for students with writing output problems, and export the file as an XML document or as an html file. And as you can see, I can embed it. Later I am going to put this project into my class' secure website so that the parents at home can check out today's lesson, and help their kids with homework.

I would like to use this program in my 9 week course to have students collaboratively plan joint projects. We can control who gets access to which projects, invite other people in (especially the teacher), and best of all it is free. It works on different browsers, and on different operating systems. I give it a big thumbs up.

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