Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Can't Fix Your Car Using ONLY Screwdrivers!

If there was only one search engine in the Universe, (I am pretty sure most students think there is), I am sure most people would choose google. I have a problem with that.

1.) People need to be able to look at a search, and judge if they have truly found what they are looking for

2.) People need to use some simple search techniques to get more of what you want from google, and less of what you don't

3.) People need to know that Google is kind of like a popularity contest, and that some people make a very good living figuring out how to get sites to be in the top 5 in Google searches. Just Google searches!

3.) Students need to try other search engines.

I love Ask.com and Clusty.com. Ask.com suggests search ideas, and gives you suggestions to either narrow or expand your search. I can also give it cool backgrounds, like a forest or sunset. Clusty.com finds subtopics that are "submerged" in your main topic. By clicking on one of these "submerged" topics it narrows your search down. It has some other nice features, and makes me feel like I am driving a car custom made for me instead of just another cookie cutter 4 door sedan that fell off the end of the production line.

Search how you want, and get what you want.

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