Monday, June 9, 2008

Packin' some Energi

I have been testing out the new iPod charger from Energizer, called "Energi To Go." It can been seen here on energizer's official page. It runs on a couple of energizer lithium ion batteries, is lightweight, and fairly simple to use.

I first used it on one of my long days at school. I got to school around 8 am, and then began listening to my iPod while working on some computers in our school lab. I listened to my iPod more during lunch (packing up boxes and filing papers by the pound), and then before and after teaching my night school course called "Bootup Camp" - computers for beginners. I was pretty low on charge, so out comes the Energi!

I have an iPod touch, and there is no specific "fit" setting for the iPod touch. It is adjustable, and worked well. I found that I couldn't carry my iPod around while charging it, as when it moved, it temporarily lost contact, and stopped charging. When I moved again, it started charging again. I left it to charge in my locked cabinet, and then after 20 minutes, I had enough juice to work late into the night.

Overall, I think it is a good product for people with iPod nano's, or classic 30 and 80 gig ipods. I didn't have a charger for energizer lithium ion batteries (great batteries though) that come with the charger, and so I will have to consider whether to use energizer's batteries, or to just use some other batteries. While I cannot charge my iPod while walking around with it, I think if I was at my desk I could charge up my iPod, no problem. If I had a flat surface in my car where my iPod wouldn't roll or fly around, I could also charge it while driving, (but I wouldn't listen to music with headphones while driving, 'cause that is not safe). Overall, I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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