Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Use SharePoint in the Class - Like a Ninja

If you hand in some math homework to your teacher, and then realize, "Oh no, I didn't finish question number 11!", what would you do? One option might be to simply leave class as if nothing was wrong. Then, go home, change into your ninja outfit, and use a grappling hook to get up onto the school roof at midnight. Then, drop in through the ventillation ducts, into your classroom, and replace incomplete homework with a completed copy.

Of course that wouldn't work, and could prove dangerous. Fortunately, there is a way for kids to update their homework even after they hand it in - like a SharePoint Ninja!

Now, I don't want to say kids should turn in their work late. Yes, I do look at the time and date kids hand in their work. But generally, if I don't have to chase them down for work, and if the students are not depending on updating their work after they hand it in, I am OK with that - sometimes. Other teachers might not be, but I figure it saves me a lot of effort from having to chase down students.

PS. Seriously, don't go trying to break into your school. It is against the law, and you will get hurt. It's not like you are an ACTUAL ninja.....unlike myself ;-).

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