Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hey Dad, I Hear Cars - ?

I took my son hiking in a regional park near our home today, Minnekhada Regional Park. It is a marsh with lots of different kinds of duck, it has some beaver, and the Canadian geese have returned from the south as spring has sprung. and the grass is riz. Lots of goose poop on the dykes that cross the marsh.

We were searching for a geocache on one of the higher look outs in the park. On our way up the hill, he said, "Hey Dad, I can hear cars?" I thought this was strange, as we are quite a distance from the highway. I asked if he was sure, and he said, "Yeah, listen - whoooooooosshhhhh..."

I told him what he was hearing was the wind in the trees. Hmmm. My son doesn't recognize the sound of wind in the trees, and mistakes it for cars on a highway. An honest mistake, to be sure, but I think we better keep getting out there.

PS. We found the geocache.

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