Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Use It Today - Electricity

My impression of how some kids view school is that they can't make use of what they are learning in school in their every day lives. They feel that it is only going to be useful in the future, and then only for some of the students, not all of them. My lesson today focussed on how you can apply knowledge you learn each day in class, but it is up to you to look for the opportunity to use it.

Here is a short clip on where I wish I had applied what I knew about electricity, which I teach in my Grade 9 Science summer school course:

Could've saved myself a few bucks! Rats.


Brian Kuhn said...

Hey James - you look good on video :-) Seriously, I like how you're trying to connect classroom learning to real world and regular normal day situations that kids might encounter. Good on you. Would you say you are pursuing more of a project or problem based learning environment?

James Gill said...

I would say I am doing lots of project based learning, but when I reflect on school subjects, I take a problem based approach. This is why I miss the classroom, as with multiple subjects I could talk about how things like history connect to students life today. While I can do that in my explorations class, its not the same as having your own class.

Kaber said...

I found your blog while browsing for informative blogs.I homeschool my boys- they are very interested in technology, robotics, etc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts for all us readers out here.