Friday, November 14, 2008

Reason number Umpty-Billion to Twitter

If you haven't heard about it, Twitter is a great web application where people write very short posts for the world to see. What do people write about? Rather than tell you, I'd rather show you:

I keep in touch with other teacher twitter-ers. My twitter name is jagill. The ideas other teachers post are like springboards for my own thinking. And now very smart companies are twittering.

Lately I have been blogging and tweeting (making posts on twitter) about Jing, the screencasting software. Today, someone from Jing started following my posts. This also happened with Voicethread (the great online presentation tool). So this time I turned around and started following the person from Jing so I could send him a direct message on twitter. In only a few minutes (5 or less) I got two well worded responses that solved my problem.

Thanks TechSmith (the company that made Jing). Thanks Dave McCollom. You have made it that much easier for me to teach using tools that save me time and effort, and help me reach more students.


Mrs. Holder said...

I have been using Plurk which is similar to Twitter. I started with Twitter but didn't like it as well as I do Plurk. Come check it out and look for scipro18. That's my moniker. I will firend you and introduce you to the gang of tech savvy folks that I have found there.

James Gill said...

Thanks for the invite Mrs. Holder. I will check out plurk, and come look you up. The main purpose of this article was to show how connecting on the internet is worth the small investment in time learning the "how-to's". By connecting with you and your friends on plurk, maybe we can share ideas that lead to saving time, saving effort, and doing new things in our jobs that keep us and our students interested and engaged.