Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remembering Terry Fox

Terry Fox is from my home town. I went to the same junior high school that he went to. I had one of his teachers as my principal. I went to the high school named after him.

In 1977 Terry Fox lost his leg to cancer. He decided to run across Canada to raise money and awareness about cancer. He planned to run a marathon a day (Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world) from East to West. On one leg. He wanted to raise 1 dollar for every Canadian. In 1980 that was 24 million dollars. He didn't make it all the way across Canada as cancer once again reared its ugly head. This time it had spread to his lungs.

He died in June of 1981. Every September since 1981, all across Canada and all around the world, people run in his memory. Tomorrow is the Port Coquitlam Terry Fox run. Our schools will be running later this month, all across Canada. To date his run has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research.

Help tell the story about Terry Fox.

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