Sunday, December 30, 2007

Forcing yourself to blog is mererly force of habit

I am writing my blog on my vacation time because I realized something. This is how habits are formed. The key to blogging is not to think of blogging as learning how to use web tools, or even to reach an audience to one's profit. To begin with, that it....

The key to blogging is to be more conscious of your thinking. Every day, we let little gems of ideas slip through our fingers like sand. Every day, a bigger "nugget" of an idea is lost because we didn't take the further step of forming it a bit, chiseling away at it, examining it like a sculptor inspects a piece of stone for its potential and its flaws.

I think I would like a job in educational technology. I think that is where the next step in my career lies. But why? Is literacy less imporant? Numeracy? No, of course not, but I think we as teachers need to think of technology as something that occurs outside the school computer lab. It is the device, it is the medium, that our students express themselves with on an exponentially increasing basis. I wonder if I could get more students who are non-performers in literacy and numeracy to achieve higher grades and develop a deeper understanding of their subjects by honing their skills using technology as means of expression. I had bad handwriting and didn't like it. Once I overcame the learning curve of typing vs writing speed, I became more inclined to write.

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